Does HH&H ship internationally?

Yes, we'll ship anywhere Canada Post will ship to, however, all shipping costs (including any import charges which you may incur) will be charged to the buyer. WE WILL NOT LIST INTERNATIONAL PACKAGES AS GIFTS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES unless you have won one of our givaways.

Does HH&H provide a warranty on its products?

We provide a limited warranty on our products insofar as we will repair any defects that can be determined to be manufacturing defects. We will not replace or exchange any of our products for new or different items.

How does HH&H ship my order(s)?

We Ship only with Canada Post, we will not ship with Fed-Ex, UPS, DHL, CanPar, or any other service..

How do I buy a Knife from you?

You can place an order with us by emailing us on our contact page, chosing from the knife style(s) that you can see here on our website. We require Payment in full of the total cost of the product(s) (including applicable taxes and applicable shipping) before the product is made, or shipped if it is already made. The date of completion will be determined at the time of payment (We will do our best to estimate).

Will you sharpen my knives?

No, HH&H does not perform sharpening services, however we will attempt to repair or re-shape HH&H brand knives for a cost determined on a case by case basis. All our knives come very sharp and are tested by us prior to shipping or delivery. We test knives by slicing through thin paper, similar to thin catalogue paper.

Are your products 100% Canadian and Handmade in Toronto, Ontario like you say?

All materials we use are sourced right here in Canada. Our hardwoods are either harvest directly by us, or through donations, and local industry cast-offs. Our exotic woods are cast-offs and off-cuts from local sources, as are our steel sources. Any leather used is sourced as scrap from local leatherworks. Any Antler pieces used in our products are aquired as pieces that originate from naturaly dropped antlers from Canadian Deer, or Elk.

All of our products are manufactured 100% by hand by Stephen F. Fisher in Downtown Toronto.

Frequently Asked Questions

What forms of Payment do you accept?

For orders through email, we prefer Interact email money transfers sent to our main email address, we will accept Paypal for international orders (U.S. Orders can only be done through PayPal). During events and shows, we can accept Cash, as well as Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Do  you offer knife making classes? Can I visit your workshop, or  watch you work?

At this time our studio does not offer classes of any kind, and the studio/ workshop is NOT OPEN TO THE PUBLIC due to saftey and liablity concerns. Eventually we hope to have a public storefront for our company.

Will you make a knife for me that I design?

Unfortunately we do not take custom orders.

Can you Engrave a name or design on my knife?

No, we do not currently engrave or personalize knives.

Have a question we don't cover in the FAQ section? Contact us through our contact form on the CONTACTS page.

This knife rusts, what can I do about it?

As we state all through our website, all our knives are made with quality High Carbon Steel.

With the superior edge and easy sharpening capabilities of carbon steel, also comes the natural fact that this kind of steel does rust if not cared for...BUT DON'T WORRY, its completely normal. Many Chefs all over the world prefer carbon steel over all other knife steels, but you must maintain the blade with a few easy steps you can find in our care section, and almost anywhere else on the web... The knife will develop a patina, and perhaps some stains through use, we think of this as a mark of beauty and history of the knife's use .

Not to be rude to our amazing customers, but if its a stainless steel knife you're after, you're in the wrong place.

Will you refund my money if I am not happy?

In short, no. HH&H will not refund your purchase under any circumstances. We will however work with you to repair any defects caused in the making of the knife but be aware this does not include sharpening, cleaning, or other general maintenance. In some cases where the situation warrents we may decide to replace your knife with another knife of the same type. We don't want anyone to be unhappy with their knife, but please understand that you are buying a quality hand-made one of a kind knife, that is yours alone, there will be some subtile differences between all knives we make due to their handmade nature. These knives do require some care and maintenance, but nothing you can't handle!

We will not repair damage caused by innapropriate use such as pyring, hammering, bending, subjecting the knife to strength tests (although we belive our knives will do just fine) ... we will not repair damage caused by putting the knife in a dishwasher or leaving it outside in the rain..... please, love your knife!